Shenyang – The Best Place For Your Business

As the sub-provincial city of Liaoning Province, Shenyang is the largest and the most important city in the Northeast China.

Shenyang also as the home of aerospace, automotive, machinery and chemical industry, is the gateway of many international companies into the Chinese market.

Shenyang locates in the latitude of about 41N, in which climate is similar to that in Munich, and the four seasons here are distinctive.

Ethnically and culturally diverse, Shenyang has 38 of China's 56 recognized ethnic groups, including the Han Chinese majority that make up 91.26 percent of Shenyang's population.

Shenyang also has numerous temples, mosques, churches and other religious places of worship.

The moderate European style climate, international educational facilities, ultramodern apartments and many diverse recreational possibilities make Shenyang to a truly worthwhile city to live in.


  • 10 districts, 2 county and 1 county level city

  • 8,291,000 residents (in 2015), in 12,948 km2

  • Major Economic Indicators of Shenyang in 2015:
  • Local GDP: 108.4 billion Euros

  • General public budget revenue: 11.22 billion Euros

  • Investment in fixed assets: 93.9 billion Euros

  • Total retail sales of consumer goods: 50.98 billion Euros