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August 8, strategy cooperation kick-off meeting was held in the conference room of SYGSSC. Liaoning Dongao Accounting Firm, Liaoning Fengquan Law Firm and Caiku Shenyang Human Resources Firm attended the meeting as strategic partners.

Founded in 2004, Liaoning Dongao Accounting Firm is dedecated to corporate financial consulting and services, such as accounting and taxes, audit, internal control, assets evaluation and equity structure setting. Over years, Dongao has provided financial consulting services to a number of BBA's foreign and local supplier companies.

Liaoning Fengquan Law Firm focus on corporate legal services, including finacial cases, business contracts and labor disputes. Presently, Fengquan works for BMW 4S shop as legal service contractor, and plays an important role in preparing and amending conmpany's constitution, policies and contracts.

Caiku Shenyang HR is subsidiary of Changchun Headhunting Firm, the latter is HR service provider of FAW-VW. The business covers talent hunting, career planning, recruitment service, salary performance consulting, and recruitment fairs, in fact a one-stop HR solution provider for companies.

Therefore, SYGSSC corporate service platform has been set up. SYGSSC and the strategic partners will work together in business development, and provide better more comprehensive services to client enterprises.