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June 20, 2018 Shenyang International Finance and Investment Congerence  was held, almost 350 representitives and guests from over 20 countries and regions, as well as the world's top 500 companies, domestic industry leaders, attended the conference. 

As special interviewed guest, Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, COO of SYGSSC, shared his opinion with attendees. The Germans are very family-oriented. They always bring their family members to common life while working.  Germans in Shenyang have already taken this city as their home. Shenyang Government is continuously providing more support to these foreign families by all levels, such as medical and education services. Therefore, foreign families in Shenyang could enjoy a safe, comfortable and convinient living environment. 

"We're very content to see that Shenyang proposed to build a centre of internationalization in Northeast Asia, which complies with the rules of city development, and that's what we're expecting to. I've been living in Shenyang for 8 years and I love this city. Every evening when I ride along the banks of Hunher River, I could feel the changes of the city."