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May 7th, Mayor of Shenyang Jiang Youwei, Mayor of Heidelberg Eckart Wuerzner, Minister-councellor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany Mr. Wang Weidong, Mr. Gao Hang and Mr. Yang Yaozhi, Director of Shenyang Municipal Foreign Trade Bureau, Deputy Secretary General of Shenyang City Government and Director of Shenyang China-German Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Mr. Guo Zhongxiao, and Mr. Liang Kaiqing, General Manager of SYGSSC, participated in the “Shenyang Meets Heidelberg” Economic Forum and the Unveiling ceremony of Offshore Innovation Centre of Shenyang China-German Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Heidelberg.

Mayor Jiang unveiling the plate

Also Mr. Detlev Kiel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German Greencity Group, and Mr. Martin Schreiner-Reuther, CEO of MST Combustion Technologies, and other guests from industries participated the event.


After the ceremony, Mr. Liang Kaiqing reported to Mayor Jiang about Centre's operation. Mayor Jiang praised Centre's work, especially the REFA training, the Industry 4.0 Demo Centre, the Zeppelin and the Shenyang German Health Center project, and hoped that the “Center” could introduce more good projects for Tiexi and the Park by its excellent German networking resources.

Mr. Eckart Wuerzner and Mr. Liang Kaiqing

Mr. Wang Weidong and Mr. Liang Kaiqing