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May 2nd, Mr. Liang Kaiqing, CEO of SYGSSC, visited YKCC China Centre in Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. Dr. Wang Yanhu, head of the Berlin Centre kindly received Mr. Liang and discussed about future cooperation in Merges and Acquisitions, real estate and specific tourism. Strategy partnership will be established soon.


In order to  better integrate various resources and provide Chinese companies with comprehensive services and support for overseas investment, Yingke Law Firm has established Yingke in countries and regions where Chinese companies are investing actively. The China Center gathers Yingke Global Resources to provide Chinese companies with professional services for overseas investment, enhances communication and mutual trust between Chinese and foreign partners, and bridges differences in laws, languages, cultures, and modes of thinking between Chinese and foreign partners. Strong promoters of investment and preferred partners. The headquarters of Pacific Century International's Overseas China Center is established in Beijing. It has established overseas Chinese centers in six cities in five countries, including Berlin, Milan, London, Chicago, New York and Seoul.