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April 10, Mr. Liang Kaiqing, CEO of SYGSSC attends 2018 Saxon-Anhalt Foreign Trade Day, which is held in Magdeburg.

In 2017, Saxon-Anhalt’s foreign trade reached a new record, export volume increased by nearly 4% to a total of 15.4 billion euros. Although with these inspiring numbers, still the opportunities and challenges coexistent for the prospect of foreign trade, because of the drifting global economy. 

When the global economic agreement is discredited and the protectionism is recovering again, a stable cooperative relationship in the international market is the key for a long-term sustainable development.


The Saxon-Anhalt Foreign Trade Day event has always attached great attention to pooling experts and their experienced insights in various fields. How to take advantage of partnership to achieve the common goal more effectively and efficiently, is the core topic.


This event is also an important platform for exchanges between trade-oriented businesses, organizations, associations and the government. Mr. Liang Kaiqing introduced and promoted the China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park to the Saxon-Anhalt, seeking potential possible cooperation for the Park.