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March 28, press conference held by Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office released that the 5th Shenyang International Aviation Expo will be held from August 17 to August 20 at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and Faku Caihu Airport at the same time. The 7th Shenyang Faku International Aviation Conference will be held in the same period.


Shenyang aviation exhibition was first founded in 2013. From 2016, this exhibition was changed into a biennial meeting. By now, it has been held for four times successfully and has achieved fruitful result in promoting the development of general aviation industry of Shenyang. In 2017, Shenyang Faku General Aviation Base was awarded the comprehensive demonstration zone of national aviation industry, characteristic town of national general aviation and the first national demonstration base for low-altitude air safety. It's playing the leading role in general aviation industry in China.


Local and foreign business jet manufacturers, utility aircraft and UAV manufacturers, aircraft engine and aviation material manufacturers will be invited to attend this year's Shenyang general aviation exhibition. Exhibition areas will be set at the hangar of Shenyang Taoxian International Airport to display business jets, helicopters, aircraft engines, avionics materials, aircraft components, relevant technology and products of aviation emergency rescue, medical equipment and service, airport equipments and professional aviation media. Faku exhibition area is specifically showing UAV, fixed wing and rotary-wing aircraft, etc.


During the exhibition, lots of professional forums will be held around topics such as aviation manufacturing, aviation projects promotion and cooperation. Professionals will get together to share, discuss and exchange their opinions of the industry.

Source: Shenyang Daily