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Authorities in Shenyang have stepped up the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) in a bid to improve the business environment.


Shenyang recently received approval from the State Intellectual Property Office to establish the China (Shenyang) Intellectual Property Rights Protection Centre, offering fast-track services for patent applications and protection for companies in high-end equipment manufacturing sectors.


The centre will focus on simplifying IPR application procedures and shortening application times when it opens.


It is anticipated that the authorization cycle for a patent for invention will shorten from 22 months to three to six months, and that for a design patent it will shorten to between five and seven days.


Meanwhile, the centre will also make more effort to fight against IPR infringement and strengthen protection of IPR through cooperating with local government departments such as public safety bureaus, customs, as well as administrations for industry and commerce.

source: chinadaily