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Yesterday (February 25, 2018) the 23rd Winter Olympic Games officially ended in Pyeongchang. After Mr. Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, handed over the Olympic flag to Beijing Mayor Chen Jining, the show “Beijing’s eight-minute” directed by Zhang Yimou, sent a warm welcome to the world.


Through 24 dancers and 24 mobile robots interating with high-tech lighting system, the show demonstrated people cross from Pyeongchang 2018 to Beijing 2022. All 24 mobile robots participating the show come from Shenyang XIASUN Robot Automation Co., Ltd.


24 mobile robots, changeover only 90 seconds, to complete 16 complex sets of programmed actions… there hasn’t been such a large-scale mobile robot show in the world. These robots not only have to complete their programmed actions, but also have to precisely co-active with the dancers and the rhythm of light projection and music. Any tiny deviation would lead to failure of the show.


“On behalf of China, we have no option but succeed.”


Actually, robots were not involved in the original plan of “Beijing’s eight-minute”. Half a year before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Director Zhang’s team contacted XIASUN and determined the final plan with mobile robots. It took SIASUN team only 4 months to accomplish the R&D and production cycle, and finally took part in rehearsal.

From technical breakthroughs to the first prototype off the assembly line, and then to the joint operation of all performance equipment, time is severe to this young team. How to turn the impossible requests into reality is the engine which drives the team to conquer the technical difficulties.

The first challenge for robots of this outdoor show is the complex natural environment, low temperature, strong wind and non-horizontal ground. Robots’ eyes – the laser navigation system also has more stringent application conditions: a distance of nearly 100 meters from robots to the ambient environment around the stage, and in a crowded performance site, how to make robots see and react accurately is a good question. XIASUN team specially developed a new navigation control algorithm to ensure that all robots could be precisely positioned and act under the complex stage condition. As the vast majority of wireless network were shielded in the ceremony, SIASUN also needed to find alternative solutions to ensure that all robots could receive instructions normally.


SIASUN Team in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

As one of the world’s leading mobile robot products and solutions provider, SIASUN Robot has enjoyed a good reputation in fields of automobiles, electrical power and intelligent logistics. However, the “Beijing’s eight-minute” is the first show of Chinese intelligent robots performing difficult dancing in front of the world, which proved the technical innovation ability of SIASUN Robot.

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